Fiber Connectivity

Sterlite Fiber Connectivity Solutions Portfolio

Sterlite’s fiber connectivity solutions offer end-to-end range of connectivity products suitable for telecommunication networks. The solution suite comprises of central office products, to distribution and last mile networks. Sterlite’s comprehensive solution enables fast installation, is highly scalable and requires low skills to install.

Central Office Solutions

Sterlite offers complete range of central office products starting with racks, fiber management systems, to fiber connectivity accessories. Sterlite offers low and high-density fiber management products which are scalable, robust and based on standard components. The central office products help in high-density fiber management, improve space efficiency and offer wide range of port density.

OSP Solutions

Sterlite’s outside plant product suite offers the choice of using standard products like joint closures, with a flexibility of replacing those components with products which serves the same application, but enhances the access and security of the network. These are also effective for network roll out by offering flexibility of pay as per use.

FTTx Solutions

SterliteoffersFTTxsolutionsforhighrisebuildingsandsingle-familyunits.Theproduct portfoliocomprisesofbasement, boxes,floordistributionboxes,MTCA boxes and fiber connectivity accessories. The advantage of Sterlite’s FTTx product suite is that it is based on ‘plug and play’ concept and hence is faster to install, results in time savings and require low skill set to install.

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