Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Cable

Drop Cable

Cable Description

The optical fiber unit is positioned in the center, two parallel strength members are placed at the two sides, and a messenger wire as the additional strength member is also applied, then the cable is completed with an outer sheath.

1.1 Characteristics

  1. Excellent temperature performance
  2. Simple structure, lightweight, and high practicability
  3. The fluted design makes it easy for stripping and splicing
  4. Pre-terminated in the factory
  5. Especially suitable for last-mile aerial connectivity
  6. FTTH (Fiber to The Home)

1.2 Cable Spec

Items Specifications

Fiber count 1


  1. H1 5.3 u00b1 0.3 mm
  2. H2 3.0 u00b1 0.1 mm
  3. W 2.0 u00b1 0.1 mm
  4. Messenger wire u03a61.0 mm
  5. Strength member u03a60.5 mm
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