Fiber Optic Enclosure (Dome Splice Closure)

Fiber Optic Enclosure (Dome Splice Closure)

Product Description

The Fiber Optic Enclosure is a single-ended environmentally sealed enclosure for fiber management in the outside plant network


  1. The base and dome are sealed with a clamp and O-ring system
  2. 4 round cable ports (apply cable dia.6~25mm) and 1 oval port (apply cable dia.10*25mm)
  3. Max. Capacity: 24*6=144F (Single fiber)
  4. Dimension: 533*dia. 185mm
  5. Material: PP
  6. The closure can be used as well in aerial, pedestal and underground environments
  7. Sealing way: Heat shrink sealing

Technical Parameter

  1. Working temperature: -40u2103~+65u2103
  2. Atmospheric pressure: 70-106Kpa
  3. Axial tension: > 1000N/1min
  4. Stretching resistance: 2000N/ 10 square centimeter (1 min)
  5. Insulation resistance: >2*104Mu03a9
  6. Voltage strength: 15KV(DC)/1 min, no arcover or breakdown
  7. Temperature cycle: -40u2103~+70u2103, Inner pressure: 60(+5)kPa, Cycle: 10 times, the decrease of pressure canu2019t
  8. exceed 5kPa at room temperature
  9. Durability: 20 year
  10. IP 68.
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