Optical Distribution Frame (odf) 48 port

Optical Distribution Frame (odf) 48 port


ODF optical distribution frame unit is used for the termination and distribution of backbone optical cable in the fiber communication system. With an ODF patch panel, it’s easy to realize the connection, distribution and branch of the optical fiber cable.

The introduced modular high-capacity optical fiber distribution rack utilizes unique structures such as patch panels and drawers to make the operation of optical fiber splicing and distribution more convenient. In addition, vertical distribution routes and intermediate distribution panels are used to effectively solve the problem of fiber patch cord distribution.


  1. Fully modular design and full frontal operation
  2. Cold rolling steel sheet body, which is artistic and durable
  3. Integrate splicing and wiring together, maximizing high-density
  4. Installed on a standard 19 inch rack
  5. Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon fiber optic cables
  6. Universal adapters SC, FC, ST and LC can be installed
  7. Fiber cable and patch cords both have storage space of more than 2m
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