Optical Light Source

Optical Light Source / Optical Power Meter with Calibration Cert


ALK2001 is Samudra Communication’s new-type light source. It provides single to quad-wave length output including  650nm visible light source and 850/1300nm wavelength for multi-mode fiber or 1310/1550nm dual-wavelength for single-mode fiber. Together with a new type of power meter, they combine the accurate test solution for the optical fiber networks.


  1. Uncertainty is a total difference between two measurement results that were tested by a Power Meter and another Standard Power Meter respectively.
  2. Wavelength Range is the specified standard operating wavelength range in which the Power Meter can work properly under certain technical specifications.
  3. Power Measurement Range is the maximum and minimum range in which the Power Meter can work properly.


  1. Operating wavelength(nm): 1310/1550 (others specify on requests, Max wavelength is 5)
  2. Applicable fiber: SM, MM
  3. Laser type: FP-LD(others specify on requests)
  4. Output Power(dBm): -7(can be adjustable, others specify)
  5. Stability(dB,15min,20℃): ±0.1
  6. Stability(dB,30min,20℃): ±0.05
  7. Modulation(Hz): CW, 270, 1K,2K
  8. Fiber Port: FC/PC or FC, SC, ST interchangeable
  9. Alkaline Battery: 3XAA,1.5V
  10. Battery Operating time(h): 45
  11. Operation Temperature: -10~+60 (℃)
  12. Storage Temperature(℃): -25~+70
  13. Outline size(mm): 200 X90 X50
  14. Weight(g): 285



ALK1001 Series OPM Handheld Optical Power Meter is a newly designed fiber optic tester, which aims at the installation, engineering acceptance and maintenance of fiber network.


Measurements of optical network products, such as optical fibers and cables, optical active devices, optical passive devices, and fiber optical communication equipment.


  1. Wavelength: 800~1700nm
  2. Detector: InGaAs
  3. Measurement Range (dBm): -70~+3 -50~+26
  4. Uncertainty: ±5%
  5. Calibrated Wavelength(nm): 850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625
  6. Resolution(dB): 0.01
  7. Optical Connector: FC(interchangeable SC,ST) / as well as 2.5mm universal
  8. Power Supply: Alkaline Battery(3 AA 1.5V batteries)
  9. Battery Operating Time: 240 h with 1.5V Battery(3)
  10. Operating Temperature(ºC): -10 ~ +60
  11. Storage Temperature(ºC): -25 ~ +70
  12. Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
  13. Dimension(mm): 200 X90 X50
  14. Weight(g): 285
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