OTDR - Optical Fiber Tester NK3200 F/D

OTDR – Optical Fiber Tester NK3200 F/D


NK3200 is 3.5 inch Mini Pro OTDR (Optical time domain reflectometer) , mainly including functions such as OTDR, OPM, LS, VFL,Event map,RJ45 Tracker,etc.exported big quantity OTDR worldwide, our R&D.Production and the whole supply chain are proved to be stable and high efficiency.


  1. Integrated design, smart and rugged
  2. FC/SC/ST connectors interchangeable
  3. Automatic and manual test function
  4. Visual Fault Locator (VFL) function
  5. OTDR Viewer software for data analysis


  1. CATV network testing
  2. Access network testing
  3. LAN network testing
  4. Laband Factory testing
  5. Live fiber troubleshooting
  6. FTTA troubleshooting


  1. OTDR
  2. Optical Power Meter (OPM)
  3. Optical Light Source (OLS)
  4. Visual Fault Locator (VFL) Visual Fault Locator uses red laser of 650nm to locate broken fiber point and test fiber continuity.
  5. Event Map Event Map is similar to EXFO’s iOLM function, which can display events in user-friendly icons.
  6. RJ45 Sequene, Length and Tracker.    It can check wire map, measure the length of RJ45 cable, and trace and locate the RJ45 network cable (when Network Cable Tracker is ordered).
  7. Flashlight
  8. Report Prin
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