Outside Plant Fiber Optic Network Management

Outside Plant Fiber Optic Network Management

At Samudra Communication Sdn Bhd, we are dedicated to the effective management of our Outside Plant Fiber Optic Network. Our commitment includes:

  • Quality Infrastructure: We invest in high-quality OSP infrastructure to ensure the best possible service to our customers.
  • Reliability: We strive for 24/7 network reliability, with redundant systems and quick response to outages.
  • Expansion Readiness: Our OSP infrastructure is designed with future expansion in mind, ensuring that we can meet growing customer demands.
  • Safety and Environmental Responsibility: We adhere to safety and environmental regulations to protect the integrity of our OSP network.
  • Where, we as a partner with full commitments to complete the development works inclusive but not limited to fiber installation, testing and commissioning, managing the project management and works order management for development works. In accordance with technical specification and following the specification/guideline set forth by our clients.
  • Our project implementation team have the capacity to direct and manage the project implementation and carry out quality assurance processes and procedures. The scope of project implementation hall include, but not limited to the following activities:
    • Survey of sites
    • Estimating Bill of Quantities
    • Works supervision
    • Submission of daily activity reports
    • Conduct quality assurance audit during the implementation
    • Preliminary tests and Acceptance Testing
    • Preparation of Checklist Documents
    • Conduct joint testing and verification with the Project Supervisor
    • Submit any other documentation as requested by any officer as authorized by the S.O.

By prioritizing the management and maintenance of our OSP fiber optic network, we aim to deliver on our promise of seamless, high-speed, and reliable telecommunication services for our valued customers.

Site Survey

Trench Measured

Lay PVC duct

Sand Bedding


PVC Slab Protection


Manhole installation with measured distance

Manhole Leveling

Pretest Mandrell

Road Cutting

GI Pipe Installation

Compacting work

Cable Prep

Cutover work / Splicing

FDP Splicing

Joint Closure splicing

Cabinet Splicing

Hole Prep using Auger

Breaking Hard Rock

Pole Planting

Cable de-coiling / Prep

Cable Termination / Hauling

Over Head FDP installation

Test with test gear u2013 OLTS-Power Meter-OTDR

Test with test gear u2013 OLTS-Power Meter-OTDR

Test with test gear u2013 OLTS-Power Meter-OTDR

Safety Setup prior work start

MH Gas testing with Gas tester

MH air ventilation

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